Caluma Force Pro LED 630 W

Our high-quality LED panels combine premium LM561H diodes from Samsung and Oslon SSL 120 OSRAM reds to create a perfectly matched lighting concept for healthy, vigorous plant growth and high yields.

The panels are pre-assembled. The installation for the customer is a simple and effortless "plug and play". Just remove the packaging, thanks to high-quality hinges easily unfold the fixture, connect the driver, plug it into the outlet, and you're ready to go!

Efficiency: 2,7 µmol/J

PPF: 1700 µmol

Input: 100-277V/ 50-60Hz

Application: Controlled climate room & grow tents

Waterproof / Dustproof: IP66

Lifetime: >50.000hrs

Light Distribution: 120°

Light Source: Samsung White 5630 LM561H & OSRAM OSLON SSL 120 Red LED Chips

Dimmable: 0-10V

Weight: 12,55kg

Dimensions: 119,5 x 111 x 6,7cm

Spectrum: Full spectrum

Thermal Management: Passive

Power Factor: >90%

Warranty: 3 years

Recommended cultivation area: ≤1,5x1,5m

Recommended distance to canopy: 40 - 60cm

PPFD Grid size: 20cm

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