Caluma helps growers to be their best

Caluma products are ideally adjusted to the needs of growers. When developing the unique brand, we put a lot of time into the development and structure of our range. We are now able to offer high quality products at a good price. This product selection leaves nothing to be desired by professionals and amateurs. All Caluma products work reliably and are unique in their performance. In the three product lines Flow-Lights-Grow we combine everything that makes the heart of the passionate grower beat faster and leaves nothing to be desired. In addition, all of our products can be ideally combined and thus ensure impressive results.

Find out with your specialist retailer about the diverse kits from our range, which will enable you to get an inexpensive and safe entry to the matter. So nothing stands in the way of a discreet but effective cultivation and you can look forward to fascinating harvests.


Innovative Lighting Technology for Growth & Flowering

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Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Fans

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Plant Care, Tents, & Harvesting Tools

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