Caluma Force LED 75 / 150 / 240 / 320 / 480 W

Powerful LED fixtures with 75 W, 150 W, 240 W, 320 W and 480 W at unbeatable prices!

Our LED boards are delivered pre-assembled. For the customer, plug&play means zero effort and uncomplicated installation:

Unboxing → connect driver → plug into socket and off you go!

But what are the fundamental advantages of LED lighting over conventional lighting technologies?

Here are the three most important aspects and numerous arguments in favour of LED lighting

  1. Light spectrum: The spectrum of an LED lamp can be composed as a specific light recipe for any desired purpose. And since our LEDs are designed to produce high crop yields, our spectrum is perfectly adapted to the needs of plant growth and flowering. The balanced spectrum ensures not only high efficiency but also healthy growth. LED lighting promotes root penetration, compact plant growth, healthy leaf development and stable stems. The peak at 660nm promises particularly good results in the flowering phase, and the white light of the full spectrum creates a pleasant working environment in which potential plant problems can be identified and remedied at an early stage.
  2. Electricity costs: The approximately 30% increase in efficiency and the much lower waste heat make it possible to save a great deal of money and energy. Due to their high efficiency and the approximately 25% lower heat generation, LEDs reduce energy consumption by up to 50-80% compared to HPS systems, which means that the initially higher investment costs are quickly amortised. In addition, it becomes easy for the gardener* to never exceed the 30°C limit in the growing environment, which is critical for the plants...
  3. Ecology: LEDs are the environmentally friendly alternative to gas discharge lamps not only because of the energy savings. The 2-3x longer lifetime and the low wear and tear generate less waste than settings in which the bulbs have to be changed frequently.