Readymade 100

Let nobody know, you grow!!

Our Readymade 100 is the perfect combination of practical grow tent and inconspicuous closet. And all this in a super cheap complete set! The Readymade 100 comes with everything you need to start growing inexpensively and, most importantly, completely secretly.

Or maybe you are looking to switch to something more inconspicuous? Then our Readymade 100 is exactly what you've been waiting for!

Everything you need is included in this super set: grow tent for hanging, 150W LED, activated carbon filter, axial fan, clip fan, thermo / hygrometer, timer as well as all necessary small parts and hangers for LED and filter.

The complete set can be easily hung in a standard Swedish closet, thanks to the practical hanging hooks on the tent. The dimensions are approximately 500x500x1700 mm.

The opaque fabric cover and highly reflective aluminum inner material are specially designed for indoor greenhouse use. The black outer cover is 99.5% opaque. The highly reflective aluminum coating on the inside of the grow tent provides effective light reflection of nearly 95% and promotes effective plant growth.

  • opaque
  • impermeable to water vapor
  • rot-proof
  • easy to clean
  • base area: approx. 50 x 50 cm
  • height: 170 cm
  • weight: 14,5 Kg

The number, size and position of the technical accesses as well as the ventilation openings are shown in the drawing.