Caluma PotPots in various sizes

7,5 l / 11 l / 19 l / 26,5 l

Caluma PotPots

Caluma PotPots consist of a waterproof and breathable outer layer of textile fibers and a water-permeable bottom surface. The breathable fiber walls optimally supply the roots with oxygen. In addition, the water-permeable bottom prevents waterlogging.

In normal plastic pots, the roots always come up against the impermeable cover at some point. This allows the roots to grow in circles in search of nutrients. With our Caluma PotPot's, this can be easily avoided. As the roots grow through the fabric cover, the tips naturally die back and the plant forms new, thin roots. This creates a dense, healthy root network.

Another advantage is the cooling effect of fabric pots. Unlike traditional plastic pots, our PotPot's do not retain heat, so the roots of your plants will stay cool even when outside temperatures are high. In addition, each pot has a small bracket where you can attach a hose for the hydro system or a tag with the plant variety.

Caluma PotPots are suitable for soil, coco and drip irrigation hydro systems. Our PotPots are made from environmentally friendly recycled materials!

  • good root aeration thanks to textile wall
  • avoidance of ring root formation
  • roots stay cooler than in plastic pots
  • Available in 4 sizes