Caluma Force 1000W DE Fixture

1000W lighting fixtures have been one of the most popular lamps for the flowering season for years. The fittings are a very good solution especially for larger growing areas. The extremely powerful lamps in combination with the integrated ballast and reflector ensure a perfect supply of the plants in the flowering phase.

With our 1000W-sodium steam fittings not only the quality and quantity of the light is right, but also the price.

The fittings are dimmable in 6 steps (600/660/750/825/1000/1150W).

Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for 1000W double ended lamps
  • Dimmable: 600W/660W/750W/825W/1000W/1150W
  • Soft Start technology for extended lamp life
  • Comprehensive protection functions
  • Quiet
  • Reflection rate of the reflector 86
1000W HPS Fixture 02.jpg
1000W HPS Fixture 01.jpg
1000W HPS Fixture03.jpg