Sodium Vapor Lamps (HPS), 250 W

The 250W sodium vapor lamp is the shining classic among lamps. Professionals like them because of their reliability and good price-performance ratio. The light spectrum of the HPS 250W from Caluma is aimed at the flowering phase of plants. But it also delivers good results in short growth phases. For connoisseurs, we would like to point out that the photosynthetic photon flow (PPF) of the lamp reaches an unbeatable 436.88 μmol. / Second.

Technical specifications

  • Light spectrum amplified in red light
  • Ideal for the flowering phase
  • Suitable for short growth phases
  • Luminous intensity: 33116 lumens
  • Color temperature: 2.0000 K
  • Thread type: E40
  • Photon flux (PPF): 436.88 µmol / sec
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