Ceramic Metal Halogen Lamps (CMH), 315W, 3000K

Ceramic metal halogen lamps (CMH) are the latest craze among high pressure steam lamps in the growing business. They radiate intensely in the full light spectrum and are particularly close to natural sunlight. As a result, particularly compact and dense flowers grow among them. With their 315 watts, they consume about a quarter less energy than other high-pressure steam lamps. The 315W CMH 3K version is especially designed for the flowering phase of plants, but is also suitable for growth phases. If you are specifically targeting the growth of plants, you can also order the lamps in the 4000 Kelvin version from us.

Technical specifications

  • Full spectrum
  • Suitable for the growth and flowering phase
  • Light intensity: 30 087 lumens
  • Color temperature: 3000 Kelvin
  • Photon flux (PPF): 519 ┬Ámol / sec
  • Safe double glazing
  • Bulb Socket: PGZX18
CALUMA LIGHTING_0026_315W_3K-web.jpg